Carolina Poodle Rescue Newsletter
May 2017
Vol. 12, No. 5b

In this issue:
  1. Carolina Poodle Rescue in New York City!
  2. Happy Tails
  3. Feature Pet: Kizmo
  4. Ongoing Fundraisers
  5. Rusty, the Little Red Dog
  6. Rainbow Bridge
  7. Upcoming Events
"One by one until there are none."
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Carolina Poodle Rescue is heading to New York City!

Join Carolina Poodle Rescue in New York City for the Best Friends Super Adoption Event! We are bringing 40 dogs including poodles, hound dogs, labs, retrievers, beagles, terriers, Chihuahuas, shih tzus, yorkies, Schnauzers, and dachshund mixes. All ready for their forever homes and all adorable. To see some of the dogs, visit our YouTube channel for our Live at Lunch over the past week the feature some of the New York-bound dogs

Where: Metropolitan Pavillon (125 West 18th Street, NYC)
Friday, June 2nd 4 - 8 pm
Saturday, June 3rd 11 am - 7 pm
Sunday, June 4th 11 am - 5 pm
We will also have 40 fantastic volunteers helping us out through the weekend. If you are a previous adopter, we'd love to have to come by to see us!

All potential adopters must go through our application process and be approved to adopt. This includes a vet reference (If applicable), personal references, and interview. We highly recommend bringing copies of current or most recent vet records. Renters should also bring a copy of their lease, pet policy, or written permission from their landlord.

Happy Tails!

by Roberta Augustini

On January 27, 2017, my girls Angel and Princess traveled from Aberdeen, NC to Dreamweaver Farms to find the next member of our family! We met so many wonderful babies, and I wanted to take everyone home but with the help of my favorite doggie friend, Pamela Lavender, we were picked out by Little Man Eden, who we named JoJo, after my family's first dog when I was five!

JoJo jumped right in and started running the joint. He was doing pretty well at this until he tried to take over Princess Scooter Pie's position on the raised footrest of the communal lazy boy. At sixteen, she is blind, deaf, has only two teeth (thankfully for JoJo), and a disposition that I don't often see, except if I try to clean her butt! JoJo mostly takes heed now!

He's a funny little man who struts like he is on a fashion runway, growling and trying to attack the horses, who just snort at the little imp that he is! He likes long walks around the farm, as long as he's carried ninety percent of the time so he can survey his new Kingdom. He doesn't even mind if it's 20 degrees like with the wind howling because he's bundled up in pj's, sweaters and his sister's pink blanket (we don't tell her)!

by Richard and Mary Szulewski

Five years ago on May 11, we headed to Dreamweaver Farms. When our 17 year-old dog went to the Bridge, we planned to add an older dog to our family. We were introduced to quiet Tin Tin, an older mini that we thought we would adopt. Yet Tin Tin was glued to Donna's side and would not budge. Another quiet and very shy toy poodle was brought in who we never even got out of the crate.

In the meantime, there was this puppy that Donna brought in, who simply would not leave us alone. He was all over Mary, then all over me and back again. He was seriously distracting our efforts to find a match with a quiet older dog that needed a home. Finally, we just had to pay attention to this little insistent puppy.

Well, you all know that moment when it is clear that a this was the one. Yes, that moment. Found on the streets of South Carolina as s stray, this beautiful boy was amazing and he knew it. He wanted us. Donna just smiled and Bradley became part of our family. I admit that we were concerned. We did not want a puppy. We had brought 12 toy poodles into this world over the years so we thought we knew what to expect. However, Bradley proved to be the most mature puppy we had ever encountered. Perhaps it was his time as a stray or his prior owner.

Bradley was essentially crate and house trained. He was okay on a leash as well, though he still can do his sled dog imitation when excited, like when we take him to the vet (he LOVES them). He also had his demons. On the leash, he tended to be focused on what might be coming up behind him, though that has faded over the years. He still runs and hides at loud noises. If, doing home repairs, I start hammering something, it can take a while for me to figure out which hiding place he has tucked himself into. He preferred hard surfaces to grass. He ran from everything, even little frogs.

Yet he has grown into a sweet young man, quiet but full of fun. He loves to meet people, even more than dogs. Each evening he waits by the door for whoever is not home yet, Mary or me. When we are both home, he celebrates with us and his toys. Laps are his favorite places, though sunny spots are a close second. He needs to be actually touching one of us most of the time. He is good around other dogs; he even tolerates our temporary fosters. But, we are his and he is ours, and he likes it that way. Happy Gotcha Day, Bradley.

Feature Pet of the Month

Kizmo is an owner surrender to local shelter due to eye injury. CPR had said eye removed due to infection, and now he's even cuter, healthier, and ready for a forever home

Kizmo is looking for a laid back home and someone who loves to cuddle on the couch. He REALLY loves to have his belly rubbed and for his ears to be scratched. Right now he is currently living in a foster home with several other dogs and is doing fine with them, so he could be an only dog or have some canine siblings. He much prefers small dogs to big dogs. He ignores cats.

Although shy at first, Kizmo is looking for that someone or a family to bond with. He wants to be your best buddy and is a great little companion. He is a blank canvas and eager to learn more! Kizmo is silly, playful, and affectionate. Kizmo's favorite doggie treat is chicken jerky and cheese! He loves to play with toys and, in his foster home, he is housetrained.

He doesn't have any special needs other than needing his ears cleaned on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in Kizmo, please visit our adoption application page.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Carolina Poodle Rescue is hosting a Popcorn Fundraiser! 40% of sales go directly to CPR to support the dogs in our care!

Fundraiser goes until 6/12/17, and you can order anytime. Items will be delivered within 7 days after you order.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner :). You can place gift orders and have them directly shipped to the recipient. Don't forget to order some tasty treats for yourself! Use the link below to place your order.

Popcorn is made FRESH to order! If you've never tried it, it's seriously delicious!

Rusty--the Little Red Dog (A Rescue Tale)

Rusty--the Little Red Dog is a wonderful children's book about a Carolina Poodle Rescue dog, Rusty, that tells his story. It is a great educational tale about rescues and puppy mills for young children (and for adults who don't know). All profits of the sales for this book go to CPR to help other rescue dogs!

This book would make a wonderful gift to any young children you know, and grandchildren and a great donation to your favorite elementary school, church, hospital, day care, Boy's Club, Girl's Club or any other organization for children. Please consider buying several and sharing them throughout your community. The younger the kids are when they learn about rescue and puppy mills, the more progress we can make toward supporting rescues and stopping puppy mills!

Share the Amazon link with all your friends and on Nextdoor!

Please Stay in Touch

If you have moved or plan to move in the near feature, please drop a line to CPR and let us know! We don't want to lose touch. Just send an email with your new mailing address and/or email address to We always love hearing from the CPR community!

And if you have a story about your CPR dog (or cat), we'd love for you to share it--happy homecomings, travel adventures, training achievements, or simply a story that you'd like to share about your CPR family member. Please send it to

The Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to those who have passed over.

Gina Vertullo, Charlotte NC

Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC

Nancy Mertel Norris and Bobby Norris,
Powhatan VA

Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC

Dreamweaver Farms, Pacolet SC

SOS dog, Stella the Great Dane, with one of her loving sponsors
2017 SOS Day
Photo Gallery

SOS dog Tyla being held by one of her sponsors

SOS dog Peyton being loved by SOS Coordinator, Jenn Reel

Upcoming Events

Come out and support Carolina Poodle Rescue and tell all your friends, too! Even if you can help out for just a few hours at one event, it is a tremendous help! And spread the word about Carolina Poodle Rescue!

Volunteers are needed to help educate people about Carolina Poodle Rescue and the adoption of pets. If you have a CPR foster dog, this is a great opportunity for your foster to browse potential forever families and find the best one for them! Many people think "rescue" dogs were given up because they are "bad" or damaged dogs. They don't always realize how much difference a good home can make and that a lot of the dogs have just had bad luck (perhaps an owner became sick, lost job, etc.). We can show them what wonderful companions are available through rescue. All you need to bring is a chair and a great attitude to share with others! Come prepared for inside or outside depending on the event you are attending.

Please contact the event coordinator if you would like to volunteer or have a foster or two or more to bring!

Bark in the Park
April 29
Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Rd., Huntersville, NC

Petsmart Information Table
June 10
Petsmart, 9515 South Blvd.
11 am to 3 pm
Petsmart, 9515 South Blvd.
11 am to 3 pm

Pet Smart Information Event
June 17
Pet Smart, 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy
10 am to 4 pm
Contact: Debbie Bennett -- or 919-880-4406

Fundraiser Day at Brixx Wood Fired Pizza
June 22-June23
Brier Creek
11 am to 11 pm
Eat some great pizza and help CPR at the same time. Print out and bring the flyer with you to make sure the donations get to CPR!

Pet Smart Information Event
June 3
Pet Smart, Rocky Mount
10 am to 3 pm
Contact - Pam Kivett

Pet Supermarket
June 9 - 11 (Friday 1-5pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm)
3908 Oleander Drive
Contact - John Glover 910-616-6294

To see events as they are updated, please visit our Facebook page!

  • Pedigree canned dog food (all kinds)
  • Lowe's or Home Depot gift cards (there's always something that needs to be fixed at the Farm)

Or please visit our Wishlist on Amazon to see more items needed for Dreamweaver Farms. We appreciate all of your help!

Do you have a story about a Carolina Poodle Rescue dog that you'd like us to publish? Have you read a book or watched a movie about dogs or dog training that you'd like to review or share?

Please send your stories and/or reviews to as well as a photo or photos to go with the story.

If you don't have a story but have a photo you'd like to share of your CPR rescue, we'd love to feature that too!

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The site says: "Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice", that is the purchase price you pay, excluding taxes. It's a really easy way for your regular shopping to help CPR!

One of the best ways to help poodles in need that lets you do it from home is to be an adoption counselor. Do you have 2 to 4 hours per week to give? Do you have an unlimited phone plan? Do you have Word? Do you enjoy talking to other dog-friendly people on the phone? Do you have good instincts about people? If so - adoption counselor work may be for you. For more information, email Sherry Wilson at

With pet health care quality now approaching the same level as human care, there are more options available for the pet owner than ever before. Unfortunately, those options can be expensive. Who wants to make the decision between a few dollars and their beloved companion?

Trupanion offers the only 90% coverage plan for covered items. That's right - 90% coverage with no limit after your deductible is met. 90%. That is the most comprehensive health care plan in the industry.

Carolina Poodle Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission:
To rescue, rehabilitate, offer permanent sanctuary and, when appropriate, rehome needy poodles and small dogs.

To encourage the human-animal bond by promoting activities that serve to bring animals and their people closer together.

To support the efforts of those in the animal rescue community seeking to end euthanasia as a means of population control.

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