Carolina Poodle Rescue Newsletter
March 2017
Vol. 12, No. 3

In this issue:
  1. Molly's Year
  2. Feature Pet: Napoleon Boney-Puppy
  3. Happy Tails
  4. SOS Program
  5. Ongoing Fundraisers and Updates
  6. Rainbow Bridge
  7. Upcoming Events
"One by one until there are none."
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Molly's Year

Molly is our 10-pound miniature poodle (well, maybe 11 pounds now) who came to us not merely frightened, but traumatized. We don't know her story, but our vet believes she spent her life in a puppy mill, probably caged, until she was no longer good for breeding. For a long time we weren't sure she would ever be happy or feel secure.

Over the course of the year she has been with us (since February 2016), we recorded her progress. Her photo and story are below with our thanks and regards to everyone at CPR for saving her!

Molly's Year

Winter 2016

Small, small animal making herself smaller
 curled tightly into a ball
when she should be chasing one.
Shivering, even in the warmth of home.

She does not understand out-of-doors.
She cannot walk on a leash.
She cannot climb up or down stairs.
She will not look up, but only down.

There is sleet in the air,
fear in her eyes,
ice in her heart.

Spring 2016

She stands and stretches.
Upward dog, downward dog,
her moves are perfect.
Balls and toys remain untouched. But:

She loves the out of doors.
She walks for miles with her humans,
She handles stairs like a pro,
She gazes up at people who say "so cute."

There is warmth in the air,
a spring in her step,
a growing trust in her heart.

Summer 2016

She will never chase balls,
but that doesn't matter.
She can run! She makes her humans laugh,
She turns to be sure she can see them -- and they her.

She runs through the grass,
She leaps and jumps,
She dances at dinnertime.
She's becoming a dog!

There is a prance in her step,
A wag in her tail,
Strength in her posture.

Autumn 2016

Where are you? Where are you?
In the kitchen? In the kitchen?
Is it dinner time? Is it treat time?
Let's go for a walk.

C'mon, c'mon let's run!
She sees with clear eyes,
She sniffs like a hound,
She prances, she dances, she twirls.

There is the leafy smell of autumn in the air,
Love in her eyes, Joy in her heart.

Winter 2017

She is a dog!
A wonderful, sweet, loving pup!
She is home at last.

Feature Pet of the Month

Why is this handsome guy called Boney-Puppy? Because when he arrived at CPR he was very skinny and we had to figure out why. Napoleon is a sweet poodle mix whose birthday is around 2009. He was released by his owner's family with his father. The two boys had been living outside so needed to be cleaned up. Napoleon's father was adopted quickly but Napoleon needed more TLC before he was ready to find his forever home.

Napoleon's pancreas does not make the enzyme needed for digestion so he takes a powder that goes on his food to help with digestion. The powder is called Pancreatic Enzyme (8 oz) and the average cost is around $130 through 1800petmeds. The bottle will last a while as he takes a very small amount (1/2 teaspoon) twice a day. One 12 oz bottle will last approximately 10 weeks. Average cost per day is $1.95 per day. Napoleon also does best on a strict grain free environment . He's currently on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rabbit. It keeps stomach issues under control and stool firm. He eats well in a special bowl designed to keep him from bolting his food.

Napoleon is a bit shy at first, but he is such a sweet boy. He is what we call an omega dog, which means he's submissive to other dogs so they tend to pick on him.  He'll let anyone tell him what to do.

He would do best in an calm home environment and, if there are other dogs, they must be laid back and non-dominant. He needs regular exercise to continue his muscle and weight gain now that his health issues have been identified. He is doing really well in this area and looks like a different dog that the very thin guy who arrived at the farm.

He has a happy go-lucky personality and a nice amount of energy. He loves treats and will wiggle his whole body to earn one. He would love to live with an avid walker as walks are one of his favorite activities.

Since he has come to the farm, Napoleon is now crate trained. He hadn't lived in a house before he came to us. He isn't your average poodle but he has a sweet face and is so ready to give his heart to someone.

If you are interested in Napoleon, p
lease visit our adoption application page.

Happy Tails

My husband and I adopted Leia from Carolina Poodle Rescue just yesterday (3/30/2017) and I thought you'd like to know just how well we're all doing in just twenty-four hours. As you can see from the attached photo, she has made herself right at home. She's dug out the toys that I had for my Papillons and really LOVES to play tug of war.

Then it's nap time and I get to play on the computer. I also have a doggie door that opens out to a fenced yard that she enjoys investigating. And I didn't even have to show her how the doggie door works. She took to using it right away. Oh, please tell Donna Ezzell that I have enjoyed getting all the kisses too, although I only get them when Leia wants to give them. Thanks to my adoption counselor, Sherry Wilson, and to Carolina Poodle Rescue for helping us find such a sweet dog to welcome into our home.

Peggy and David Lloyd

Do you have a story to share or an update? We'd love to include it in a newsletter! It doesn't have to be long; just a quick update and a photo would be great. Please send it to
S.O.S. Program--We're having an SOS Party

When: Saturday, May 6
Time: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Where: Dreamweaver Farms

We are excited to announce our first annual SOS Day At The Farm -- an event designed to bring SOS dogs and program supporters together for a day to celebrate senior and special needs dogs. This event will be simple -- no registration required. Our goal is to create more personal connections to the dogs and ultimately generate more awareness of our program and efforts.

Our SOS Day At The Farm will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 1:30pm - 4:30pm. Attendees are asked to bring one gift (any size/price) for the SOS dog(s) they are sponsoring. Don't have an SOS dog you are sponsoring -- no problem. We have plenty for you to show some love to.

The afternoon will include a parade to introduce some of our newer SOS dogs, photos with your SOS dog, select CPR and SOS merchandise available for purchase, and light refreshments and snacks.

Check out to learn more about our program, and make plans to join us on May 6th!

Join CPR's Facebook Page for Friends & Family

Why join another Facebook group? Well, this is a group just for Carolina Poodle Rescue adopters and long time supporters! It's a great way to keep in closer touch with the CPR and everything that is going on at the Farm, with the current dogs, with adopted dogs, and with incoming dogs.

Hope to see you there!

Please Stay in Touch

If you have moved or plan to move in the near feature, please drop a line to CPR and let us know! We don't want to lose touch. Just send an email with your new mailing address and/or email address to We always love hearing from the CPR community!

And if you have a story about your CPR dog (or cat), we'd love for you to share it--happy homecomings, travel adventures, training achievements, or simply a story that you'd like to share about your CPR family member. Please send it to

The Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to those who have passed over.

Leah Creel, Columbia SC

Pamela and Steve Lavender, Shelby NC

Willis Gardner enjoying his new dad's lap

Photo Gallery

Sally Wood looking pretty

Belladonna Desarno poses for the camera

Upcoming Events

Come out and support Carolina Poodle Rescue and tell all your friends, too! Even if you can help out for just a few hours at one event, it is a tremendous help!! And spread the word about Carolina Poodle Rescue!!

Volunteers are needed to help educate people about Carolina Poodle Rescue and the adoption of pets. If you have a CPR foster dog, this is a great opportunity for your foster to browse potential forever families and find the best one for them! Many people think "rescue" dogs were given up because they are "bad" or damaged dogs. They don't always realize how much difference a good home can make and that a lot of the dogs have just had bad luck (perhaps an owner became sick, lost job, etc.). We can show them what wonderful companions are available through rescue. All you need to bring is a chair and a great attitude to share with others!! Come prepared for inside or outside depending on the event you are attending.

Please contact the event coordinator if you would like to volunteer or have a foster or two or more to bring!

April 8
Pet Smart Information Table
9515 South Blvd., Pineville, NC
11 am to 3 pm

April 29
Bark in the Park
Rural Hill, 4431 Neck Rd., Huntersville, NC

May 13
Paws in the Park
Chestnut Square Park, 320 Chestnut Parkway, Indian Trail, NC

Dog Day Afternoon at the Waterpark

September 10
Wannamaker County Park
noon to 5 pm
The last day of the season they let dogs into 2 of the pools at the waterpark.
Contact: Dennis Horn -

 Bark in the Park
September 23
Wannamaker County Park
11 am to 4 pm
Contact: Dennis Horn -

Pet Smart Information Event
April 8
Pet Smart, 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy
10 am to 4 pm
Contact: Debbie Bennett -- or 919-880-4406

Pet Smart Information Event

May 6-7
Pet Smart, 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy
10 am to 4 pm on both days
Contact: Debbie Bennett -- or 919-880-4406

Paint Your Pet to Support Carolina Poodle Rescue

May 20
Pinot's Palette, 10410 Moncreiffe Road, Raleigh
7 pm to 10 pm
Tickets available through Pinot's Palette

Paws in the Park
April 8
10 am to 3 pm
Come meet Raspas, Marco Paco, and Tator Tot--three adorable adoptable dogs!

Spring Carolina Poodle Rescue Reunion and Fundraiser Paw-ty
April 23
1276 Dillingham Road, Barnardsville, NC 28709
10 am to 2 pm
A $5 donation is requested per human attendee payable at registration; all funds directly donated to Carolina Poodle Rescue. RSVP including your email and phone # to Kim Lee at Reserve before April 16th to receive a FREE cookie from Well Bred Bakery in Weaverville (gluten-free and vegan cookies available)!

Paws in the Park
April 29
1 Battleship Rd. NE
8:30 am to 5 pm
Contact John: 910-616-6294

Healthy Kids Day at Empie Park

April 29
3405 Park Ave
10 am to 4 pm
Contact John: 910-616-6294

PetSense Adoption Event
May 6
4310 Shipyard Blvd. #103
9 am to 5 pm
John: 910-616-6294

PetSmart Adoption Event
May 5 through May 7
New Centre Market, 4715 New Centre Drive
10 am to 4 pm each day
Contact John: 910-616-6294

To see events as they are updated, please visit our web site!

  • Pedigree canned dog food (all kinds)
  • Lowe's or Home Depot gift cards (there's always something that needs to be fixed at the Farm)

Or please visit our Wishlist on Amazon to see more items needed for Dreamweaver Farms. We appreciate all of your help!

Do you have a story about a Carolina Poodle Rescue dog that you'd like us to publish? Have you read a book or watched a movie about dogs or dog training that you'd like to review or share?

Please send your stories and/or reviews to as well as a photo or photos to go with the story.

If you don't have a story but have a photo you'd like to share of your CPR rescue, we'd love to feature that too!

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Bentley Blankens dressed for St. Patty's day

One of the best ways to help poodles in need that lets you do it from home is to be an adoption counselor. Do you have 2 to 4 hours per week to give? Do you have an unlimited phone plan? Do you have Word? Do you enjoy talking to other dog-friendly people on the phone? Do you have good instincts about people? If so - adoption counselor work may be for you. For more information, email Sherry Wilson at

With pet health care quality now approaching the same level as human care, there are more options available for the pet owner than ever before. Unfortunately, those options can be expensive. Who wants to make the decision between a few dollars and their beloved companion?

Trupanion offers the only 90% coverage plan for covered items. That's right - 90% coverage with no limit after your deductible is met. 90%. That is the most comprehensive health care plan in the industry.

Carolina Poodle Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission:

To rescue, rehabilitate, offer permanent sanctuary and, when appropriate, rehome needy poodles and small dogs.

To encourage the human-animal bond by promoting activities that serve to bring animals and their people closer together.

To support the efforts of those in the animal rescue community seeking to end euthanasia as a means of population control.

CPR Board Of Directors
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Beth Jancse, Interim Treasurer
Dennis Horn, Secretary

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