Carolina Poodle Rescue Newsletter
December 2016/January 2017
Vol. 11, No.
12 & Vol. 12, No. 1

In this issue:
  1. Winter Tail: A CPR Holiday Event
  2. The Gift of Sight
  3. Where Are They Now?
  4. Update on the Twelve Dogs of Christmas
  5. Feature Pet: Opie
  6. Loving Gabriella
  7. SOS Update: Pepper of Georgia
  8. Ongoing Fundraisers and Updates
  9. Rainbow Bridge
  10. Upcoming Events
"One by one until there are none."
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Winter Tail: A CPR Holiday Event

On Sunday, November 20th, Carolina Poodle Rescue was delighted to host many of our friends, donors, adopters, and staff at our Winter's Tail and Tour event at the gorgeous Nicholson Mansion. It was our first ever fundraiser at this location, and we're grateful for the hospitality of Patrick and Lynn Morane, who opened their home for us.

Our guests were thrilled with the impressive home and grounds, and many went on the tour of this historic mansion, led by Lynn Morane. It was a grand kickoff to the holiday season, as there were a dozen decorated Christmas trees and holiday trappings everywhere! Our guests enjoyed the light jazz sounds of The Quatrophonics, who played a mix of standards and Christmas tunes.

The food was spectacular, catered by Deb Poston, who created a beautiful table of unique treats and desserts. While guests were filling their plates it was hard to miss our silent auction items at nearby tables. We're pleased that so many folks made some generous bids on our donated items!

Donna Ezzell spoke to those gathered and told some heartwarming tales of some of our CPR dogs in attendance, their rescue stories and happily ever after lives. Of course, Luna with her necklace of blinking Christmas lights was a crowd favorite!

We are eager to plan for this event again next year and hope that the excitement and success carries over, and that many more of you will be able to join us! Of course, our focus was twofold -- an enjoyable evening with friends old and new, and an opportunity to raise money for our mission. We are overjoyed to announce that more than $2,500 was raised, which has paid down a hefty chunk of our medical bills for our CPR dogs!

 The Gift of Sight

Thank you to everyone who has donated to this campaign. Two years ago, Carolina Poodle Rescue raised funds to restore the sight of 17 dogs. That campaign proved that, at Carolina Poodle Rescue, there really are angels among us. Now we have 20 dogs that need surgery and, with your help, we have raised the funds for 9 dogs! Their surgeries are scheduled and very soon they should have sight restored to one or both eyes. Thank you!

We still need to raise money for 11 more dogs. At Carolina Poodle Rescue, we have a passion for fixing what is broken and we share that with our community and supporters. With their eye sight restored, their chances of finding a new forever home increase exponentially.

Over the next few months, we will be focused on raising the money that they need. Each dog needs around $2,000 to restore the sight in one or both of their eyes.

This is an ambitious goal for a most ambitious fundraiser. Will you help us?  To cover all 20 dogs, we need 1,600 people to give $ 25 each.

Pictured here are just a few of the 11 dogs who still need the funding to return their sight. If we raise these funds, we can give all of these dogs an incredible gift. You can help us change lives! For these dogs, life is in the dark. Many are older and their chances of finding a home to live out their lives is slim enough without their vision also against them. Help us raise the odds for these dogs.

We know there are angels out there who helped in the earlier campaign and we hope this one will inspire you as well.

Where Are They Now? Honey Bun and Porter Sue and Sixteen Puppies

A labor of love, Debi Goodman who adopted a puppy from each of these litters, decided to find out where all 16 of the puppies were and how they were doing. She also followed up with their amazing moms, Honey Bun (the yellow lab) and Porter Sue (Standard Poodle), who also were adopted. At one point, Honey Bun was nursing all 16 of the puppies. Honey Bun was fostered by Kathy Moore and Porter Sue was fostered by Lynette Hodges and Kathy Moore.

Jim now Guinness
Snores! He likes to play ball and play with his brother Bailey. He is abig snuggler! -- Debi & Marshall, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Joe now JT
JT snores and wags his whole body. He and Bear are best buds. He is growing into a big handsome man. -- Judy and Greg, Simpsonville, SC

Bert now Chase
He snores and loves to snuggle at night. Chase is happy, healthy and high energy. He makes us smile every day. -- Steve and Christine, Huntersville, NC

Prissy now Charlee
Charlee loves to wake up everyone in the morning by jumping on them and licking them. She loves hugs, kisses and her older brother, Sweetiepie, who she always wants to be with. -- Jan and John, Cheraw, SC

Jack now Jax
Jax is a couch potato who loves to play with his favorite soccer ball! - Aaliyah and Jonathan, Charlotte, NC

Rosie now Lucy
She is very smart, very sociable, and incredibly sweet. We honestly consider her a gift from God and couldn't imagine life without her. -- Vanessa, Harrisburg, NC

Betty now Maya June
Her favorite thing is to sit at the front of the kitchen every morning when I cook breakfast. She moans and groans like she is the laziest dog in the world when she stretches. -- Elizabeth and Jenna, Tampa, FL

Ernie now Hunter
Hunter loves to play with his toys. He loves to give kisses. He can sit, lay and shake hands. He is a snuggler. He's the most loving puppy I've ever seen. -- Hillarie and Eddie, Clemmons, NC

Trey now Bailey
He loves to explore, snuggle and wrestle with his brother, Guinness. Debi and Marshall, North Myrtle Beach, SC

Whiskey is quite the trouble maker! He loves playing with his older brother, Kona (or any dog), and carrying around his favorite toy bunny. -- Kayleigh and Hunter, Charlotte, NC

Preacher now Sam
Sam is a real lap cuddler. He loves to play ball with his big sister-Golden Chloe. He will do anything for a treat. He is very smart and can be mischievous. We love him to death. -- Jeanne and Ralph, Pickens, SC

Deacon now Hank LeRoy
Hank is such a lover! He would rather cuddle than anything else. He also loves a good game of fetch and he watches TV! -- Nikole and Chris, Asheville, NC

Teddy now Sully
Very curious, smart and loves to wrestle and run with sisters Sassy and Strudel (CPR 2011 of Klarabell). -- David and Deborah, Marietta, GA

Sassy was the only puppy for which we could not get an update. We hope she is happy and thriving!

Stryker now Takoda
Takoda likes belly rubs, running fast, and cuddling with his family. -- Beth and David, Weaverville, NC

Zach now Otis
Otis is a very silly and curious pup. He is obsessed with his frisbee, is always excited to meet new people and pups. -- Britton and Sandra, New York, NY

Do you have a story to share or an update? We'd love to include it in a newsletter! It doesn't have to be long; just a quick update and a photo would be great. Please send it to

Feature Pet of the Month

Opie came to CPR severely underweight, dehydrated, and a victim of neglect and abuse. In spite of that Opie is an open, friendly, and happy dog. He has survived heart worm treatment and is now cured. Heartguard is essential to his continued health and well being.

Now that Opie has regained his health, he has also regained his energy and playfulness. He needs a home with a fence because he would like lots and lots of running and play time!

His personality is goofy, loving, and playful. He adores toys, especially tennis balls. He gets along well with other dogs and has a great time hanging out with canine companions. Opie makes a lot of noise when he plays--play growling--but it's all in good fun.

He has learned how to sit and is well crate trained. He runs right into his crate when asked.

When he meets new people, he greets them cheerfully. Despite his background, he is upbeat and loving. Opie does resource guard his food, but considering his past of not knowing when his next meal would come it's not surprising that he would be protective of his food.

The perfect home for Opie would be an experienced adopter that will continue to work and train with him through his resource guarding issues. Opie would love an active owner to go for daily walks, hikes or jogs. He would do well in a home with another large dog to play with or as an only dog!

If you are interested in Opie, p
lease visit our adoption application page.

Loving Gabriella

We never expected to get to spend two Christmas mornings with this beautiful girl. Meet Gabriella. She was adopted by the Clarke family the day after Thanksgiving in 2014 at the age of 13˝.

At the time, we had 2 poodles (Bailey a 15-year old toy who came from the Cincinnati poodle rescue in 2004. and Terra a 7-year old mini we adopted from CPR in 2007). Since adopting Terra, I continued to monitor the CPR website - I can't help myself, I'm sure you all can relate. We really were not looking to add another poodle to the family. Bailey's health was continuing to fail and he hadn't been all that happy sharing his home with other poodles, but there was something about Gabby's face and her story that touched our hearts.

After seeing her picture on the adoptables page for a few weeks, I made the plea to my husband (the practical one of the family) that we should think about adopting Gabby. After seeing that sweet face he was as hooked as I was. It helped that he had grown up with a black standard poodle. Both being vets, we knew that we could provide a home for an elderly standard poodle and the ability to come to her aid when her owner couldn't care for her any longer because of Alzheimer's Disease. It seemed like the right thing to do.

I contacted Donna Ezzell and we travelled to Greenville for Thanksgiving. Our Black Friday shopping that year was for a black Standard Poodle. We had a nice meet and greet but of course had some last minute jitters about adding a standard poodle to the house.

Gabby was as sweet as could be but, knowing the real poodle, she was very nervous too. Who were these strange people with an uptight little red poodle? Well, an hour later, we all got back into the car and headed back to Greenville,  Gabby curled up in the back seat with our daughter.

Gabby was the easiest dog we had ever added to our household. Who would have known that an almost 14-year old standard poodle could have so much energy. She was spunky but she was also patient with the other poodles in the house. She loved each of us with that unconditional love only a dog can give. She was my shadow even when it was hard for her to get up and get back down.

Gabby had her share of medical issues. She had to go under anesthesia for a scope to remove foreign material from her stomach that had been there from before she made it to the farm. It was a tough decision to anesthetize an elderly girl, but she did great, went home that night, and recovered quickly. She was the star of a teaching video made for the UGA veterinary students.

She enjoyed many walks in our neighborhood or curling up on one of the dog beds throughout the house. She slowly deteriorated during her last 6 months, as you may expect from a girl her age, but her spirit was strong. We woke up one morning this fall to Gabby telling us that it was time to let her go. We all held her paws and said goodbye as she peacefully left us just shy of 2 years of being a part of our family.

Everyone tells us how wonderful we were to have adopted such an old dog, but more important than what we provided for her, Gabby taught us how great adopting a senior pet can be. Whatever age they are and for however short of a time we have them, our pets provide us with such joy and unconditional love.

S.O.S. Update - Pepper of Georgia

I remember the call like it was yesterday . . .  A mother calling in tears because she had to surrender her teenage daughter's 15-year-old poodle. There had been a divorce. Now there was a new husband, and the new husband didn't like the aging dog or some of his aging dog "issues". The family had tried having their beloved pet live with a neighbor so they could still see him, but that didn't work out. They were at the end of their rope and needed an option.

Carolina Poodle Rescue's SOS program offers owners like this an option. This is the story of Pepper of Georgia, a beautiful black mini poodle who was a beloved pet for almost 15 years. When he injured his back and could not walk, his family researched acupuncture and ultimately helped rehab their baby back to walking. When light incontinence started to set in with old age, they bought belly bands. And then life happened.

Pepper of Georgia is the sweetest boy. He is quiet and calm and has soulful eyes that melt your heart. If you see him out for a stroll around the farm, you may notice a slight wobble. There are some lingering issues from his back injury, but overall sweet Pepper gets along just fine.

This fall, Pepper's mom was able to attend the annual reunion. She spent the entire day loving on her beloved baby, getting to know our staff and volunteers, and seeing where Pepper lives now and meeting some of his cottage mates. Pepper's tail wagged like nothing I have seen when we placed him into her arms. There were plenty of tears . . . it was a bittersweet day for all.

The reunion meant so much more this year. Being part of this family coming back together and watching them experience the love that is Carolina Poodle Rescue and our SOS program was heartwarming. This family has become part of our family. We did not judge or criticize, but rather opened our hearts and our resources to them. In near-weekly texts we share updates and photos. This is the very best of our SOS work.

Pepper of Georgia would especially like to thank his virtual adopters: Tessa H, Michelle B, Lynette H, Jennifer S, Gina V, Anne F, Suzi B, Jennifer R and Jodi C. If you are interested in sponsoring or adopting Pepper please check out our SOS website at

P.S. Please check out our SOS Facebook page with lots of photos and information about our special SOS dogs!

Ongoing Fundraisers and Updates

Join CPR's Facebook Page for Friends & Family

Why join another Facebook group? Well, this is a group just for Carolina Poodle Rescue adopters and long time supporters! It's a great way to keep in closer touch with the CPR and everything that is going on at the Farm, with the current dogs, with adopted dogs, and with incoming dogs.

Hope to see you there!

Please Stay in Touch

If you have moved or plan to move in the near feature, please drop a line to CPR and let us know! We don't want to lose touch. Just send an email with your new mailing address and/or email address to We always love hearing from the CPR community!

And if you have a story about your CPR dog (or cat), we'd love for you to share it--happy homecomings, travel adventures, training achievements, or simply a story that you'd like to share about your CPR family member. Please send it to

The Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to those who have passed over.

Rhonda and Robin Mabe--
Morganton, NC

Marlene and Eugene Lutz--
Louisburg, NC

Dreamweaver Farms--
Pacolet, SC

Anna Todd and Billy Rutherford--
Raleigh, NC

Jeannine and David Despeaux--
Mount Pleasant, SC

Laura and John Glover--Wilmington, NC

Nigel came to us from Dreamweaver Farm in 2007 and went to the Rainbow Bridge 28 December 2016. He turned ten on 1 November and fought valiantly the osteosarcoma that finally took him. In our grief, John and Laura Glover -- Wilmington, NC

Anne Fluharty--Cary, NC

Dreamweaver Farms--Pacolet, SC

Annette and Bill Smith--
Midland, NC

Barney and Sally Kostielney--Greenville, SC

Bernie Lupton
Holiday Photo Gallery

Belle Cathcart

Bubba Duhan

Lincoln Foster

Hutch Westerfield

Jax, his family, and Santa

Cloud Cranford

Tilly Kerman

Oliver Hillis
Jude Vertullo

Ellie and Charlie Westfield

Lizzie Mulderig

Lailah Lynley-Whelan

Darla Cilento

Jaden and Boo Black

Upcoming Events

Come out and support Carolina Poodle Rescue and tell all your friends, too! Even if you can help out for just a few hours at one event, it is a tremendous help!! And spread the word about Carolina Poodle Rescue!!

Volunteers are needed to help educate people about Carolina Poodle Rescue and the adoption of pets. If you have a CPR foster dog, this is a great opportunity for your foster to browse potential forever families and find the best one for them! Many people think "rescue" dogs were given up because they are "bad" or damaged dogs. They don't always realize how much difference a good home can make and that a lot of the dogs have just had bad luck (maybe an owner get sick, lose job, etc.). We can show them what wonderful companions are available through rescue. All you need to bring is a chair and a great attitude to share with others!! Come prepared for inside or outside depending on the event you are attending.

Please contact the event coordinator if you would like to volunteer or have a foster or 2 or more to bring!

Pet Smart Meet & Greet
9515 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC
11 am to 3 pm

Auction for a Kaws
February 4
Embassy Suites Golf Resort and Hotel 670 Verdae Blvd.
6:30 pm

Paved Paws, Pet Tender Angels,Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation, Carolina Poodle Rescue, Let em Live Upstate, Izzie's Pond and Precious Paws Small Breed Rescue have worked tirelessly in our community to save thousands of animals in need. This event is a night to celebrate these heroes of our community. We are not just selling the most beautiful eligible people in Greenville, we have amazing silent auction items! These groups rely on this charity to save lives. Please help make a difference! Doors open at 6:30 for meet and greet as well as silent auction items. Auction begins at8pm. Tickets will be $55 at the door. PLEASE print out your tickets and bring them with you to the event!

Advance tickets are $45 and can be purchased at

Doggie Day at the Rec

February 4
24 28th Avenue
9 am to 12 pm
Contact: Dennis Horn --

Pet Fest
March 18-19
Palmetto Islands County Park
10 am to 4 pm both days

Contact: Dennis Horn --

Pet Smart Information Event
January 14
Pet Smart, 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy
10 am to 4 pm
Contact: Debbie Bennett -- or 919-880-4406

Pet Smart Information Event
February 18-19
Pet Smart, 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy
Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm
Contact: Debbie Bennett -- or 919-880-4406

Pet Smart Information Event
March 11
Pet Smart, 8111 Brier Creek Pkwy
10 am to 4 pm
Contact: Debbie Bennett -- or 919-880-4406

Pet Smart Information Event
February 17-19
4715 New Centre Dr.
Contact John: 910-616-6294

To see events as they are updated, please visit our web site!

  • Pedigree canned dog food (all kinds)
  • Lowe's or Home Depot gift cards (there's always something that needs to be fixed at the Farm)

Or please visit our Wishlist on Amazon to see more items needed for Dreamweaver Farms. We appreciate all of your help!

Do you have a story about a Carolina Poodle Rescue dog that you'd like us to publish? Have you read a book or watched a movie about dogs or dog training that you'd like to review or share?

Please send your stories and/or reviews to as well as a photo or photos to go with the story.

If you don't have a story but have a photo you'd like to share of your CPR rescue, we'd love to feature that too!

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One of the best ways to help poodles in need that lets you do it from home is to be an adoption counselor. Do you have 2 to 4 hours per week to give? Do you have an unlimited phone plan? Do you have Word? Do you enjoy talking to other dog-friendly people on the phone? Do you have good instincts about people? If so - adoption counselor work may be for you. For more information, email Sherry Wilson at

With pet health care quality now approaching the same level as human care, there are more options available for the pet owner than ever before. Unfortunately, those options can be expensive. Who wants to make the decision between a few dollars and their beloved companion?

Trupanion offers the only 90% coverage plan for covered items. That's right - 90% coverage with no limit after your deductible is met. 90%. That is the most comprehensive health care plan in the industry.

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Our Mission:

To rescue, rehabilitate, offer permanent sanctuary and, when appropriate, rehome needy poodles and small dogs.

To encourage the human-animal bond by promoting activities that serve to bring animals and their people closer together.

To support the efforts of those in the animal rescue community seeking to end euthanasia as a means of population control.

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Beth Jancse, Interim Treasurer
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