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At CPR, we are often called to help those that others can't help.

To make a difference in an animal's life that others won't make.

To take on the hard cases, the ones that need more than a vaccination or a haircut to turn them into highly adoptable pets.  

We're called on to make miracles happen - medical miracles.  
With your help, we can.


Meet Finn

It was all because of a sock.

Not just any sock - it's a black sock, and it's all rolled into a yucky, slimy ball and it was causing all kinds of trouble.

Finn is the name we gave the little no name mini poodle last week who came to CPR along with his healthy brother.  Turned in to a midlands based private adoption center by a distraught owner who said she had no way to care for them, the adoption center called us as the people who can handle the hard stuff when it comes to poodles.  Both boys were rushed to CPR on a rare mid-week, late night transport and Finn was taken straight to emergency.  With a body temperature of 96, vomiting blood and bloody diarrhea but absolutely no history, not even a true age or name, the possibilities of what was wrong were endless.  When you don't know what is wrong, you start figuring out what isn't wrong first.  Our doctors started eliminating possibilities.  Blood work showed all organs functioning normally and only the red blood count was down.  Finn was in good weight, recently groomed and other than a scratch on his nose had no marks or bruises or signs of trauma.  There were no sign of disease present yet internal bleeding was obvious.  Two blood transfusions later and Finn was not getting better. He would not eat or drink and his temperature remained below normal even though he was living on a heating pad.  He was giving up hope.   

It was time to take a look.  Saturday afternoon, exploratory surgery took place and it became very quickly evident what was wrong when the sock popped up in the wrong place - inside Finn. 

We will never know how long the sock was in Finn but now that it's out he's much happier. Our docs were worried the first 48 hours but Monday, Finn finally took a few bites of food and drank water on his own.   His temperature has now returned to normal and his eyes are brighter. He is sitting up and looking around.  The doctors now feel he's on the mend.


Going forward into 2015 we want to help more dogs that need more help.  We don't specialize in the dogs that are easy to place.  We don't specialize in the dogs that have little to fix.  We specialize in fixing what's wrong.  In healing what hurts. In making them well.

Through February, our medical miracles program will go out to everyone on our mailing list.  After February, our medical miracles campaign will have a mailing list all its own. 


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Thank you.  In 2015 our goal is to reach these poodles and poodle mixes who need more than the ordinary, who need more than a shave and a haircut and a new collar to make them adoptable. We want to find the ones who need more than others can give. With your help, we want to make many more miracles for once healed, these dogs make incredible pets and can go on to bless the lives of a family.  We want to give them the chance to do so.


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