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Nine Standard Poodles

Last week, working with our partners with the Poodle Club of America Rescue Foundation, nine standard poodles made their way to Dreamweaver Farm to find safe haven, proper medical care and the start of a new life. 

Found living in a barn in Ohio, these standards are in very sad shape. 

The story began when the owner/breeder of 13 standard poodles passed, leaving the dogs with no one at all to care for even their basic needs.  PCA members found out about the plight of the standards and together, our partners were able to convince the family that the best bet for the sadly neglected dogs was to reach out to rescue.   Four of the standards have gone to sister groups within PCA.  Nine are now at our farm. 

Now the real work begins for their needs are many.  Over the last several days, they've been given a good scrubbing and tested for heartworms.  Thankfully, all are negative.  Deworming for intestinal parasites resulted in some pretty nasty diarrhea but with a diet of chicken and rice, that is improving daily. 

Today, each standard was examined by our veterinarian.  All need a good dental cleaning.  All need spayed or neutered. We have ear infections, eye infections and some suspicious lumps and bumps to take care of.  One may be partially blind.  We'll find out more on that tomorrow.  Each is a diamond in his or her own way - very rough for sure but underneath, we're quite sure we'll find some very nice dogs. 

Meanwhile, while our vets take care of the physical needs, we're going to start healing their spirits. 
Our goal is to raise $ 300 per dog to get their basic health care done.  If you can help, please visit our donation page and state it's for the Nine from Ohio.
Thank you.  You've saved a life.


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