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In Memory of Mark Raby

Carolina Poodle Rescue would like to extend our most sincere sympathy
to fellow Volunteer and Board Member Debi Raby.

C. Mark Raby, Jr., age 74, passed away peacefully on 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at Duke University Medical Center in Durham,  NC.   

For the last several years, he and Debi were involved, as volunteers,
with Carolina  Poodle Rescue. He worked diligently providing a lap and lots
of love to any foster that came into their home. He loved all the poodles
(and non-poodles) but had a  special place for those that needed
extra medical attention and care. Whenever you walked into the den, 
there would always be more than one cradled in his lap.  He held a special
place in his heart for his “furbabies”.

The family has asked that in lieu of flowers, that memorials be made to Carolina Poodle Rescue.
Please specify in Memory of Mark Raby.



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Jesse was adopted by an older couple when he was about 2 as a private adoption.  We don’t know much about him before that move but have spoken to the previous owner’s who brought him here several times.  The previous owners have told us he was always ‘a little off’ but they loved him. However, as he got older, he became progressively more difficult to handle.  Jesse can be loving and sweet – and he can then turn into cujo on you in a minute.  He’s only 6 lbs so he doesn’t do much damage but his people were older and his bites were turning worse and worse.  Mostly it is when he is being picked up although he will charge you if you are in “his” space and he wants you out.  Right now, he is living in the director’s dog room and his favorite place is under the rack that holds crates for other dogs his size.  That was about two weeks ago – we’ve graduated him to a bed on the crate rack and he is doing better with that. Jesse  needs to be evaluated by a specialist to see if he has any medical problems. 

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