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21 Mangy Mutts
21 Diamonds in the Ruff


Two weeks ago we told you about one of our most challenging rescues ever - 21 poodle mixes all with sarcoptic mange - and all needing quarantine for six weeks to get rid of the messy mites.  
Our first two weeks have been exciting ones for our new guests at Dreamweaver Farms.  The mangy mutts have been dipped and vaccinated. They've been weighed and dewormed.  They've been tested for heartworms (and all tested negative!) and in general handled more in the last 14 days than in all their previous days on earth!  We've done the first round of Revolution for each and now all the medical poking and proding and testing and treating is over for a bit.  We've settled into a routine with our diamonds in the ruff and we're getting to know them and watching as individual personalities emerge daily.   

This is the fun part of rehabilitation.  We get to watch them heal. 

I would like to introduce you to a few of our diamonds. 
Yes, they are still a bit ruff! 

Colby - Colby is all black with a white patch on his chest. He is very quiet and easy so even though he is twice their size at a whopping 10 lbs, he goes out with the little tiny’s that we have. Our caregivers are estimating Colby at about 18 months old.  He is timid but friendly and is a peacemaker and very nice to the other dogs.  Colby stays quiet most of the time. Our caregivers can handle him with ease.



Sam – We have three dogs with what appear to be juvenile cataracts.  Sam is one of those.  Our caregivers believe he can see shadows and shapes but that is all.  His age is estimated at just over a year old.  Sam understands that he is different and so he is one of the “hiders” of the group.  It's his defense mechanism in a world where everyone else can see.  He's very shy and quiet but sweet deep down.  He will come out of hiding for his favorite treat - pupperoni.  We can't wait to get Sam out of quarantine and into a quieter area where he can learn to play without being knocked over by his sighted siblings. 

Riley - is one of the older dogs, estimated at about 3 years of age.  He's also one that remembers times with less dogs and more socialization so he's one of the very outgoing and friendly ones.  Because he's had to boss all these puppies around all his life, he can be a little rowdy with the other dogs. Hey, it's tough being the oldest brother.  Our caregivers consider him playful and energetic and when it comes to people, he's always wagging his tail.

Raymond - He may not be much to look at now but give him about 3 months and you will see a beautiful dog.  Why?  He's beautiful on the inside already.  Raymond is about two years old and is extremely sweet and affectionate. He is the one that does the happy dance and waves his paws at you for attention. He loves a belly rub and to be talked to in a sweet voice. He is great with the other dogs and great with us. It only took him a few days before he trusted us. 

Shawn - is also young, around 18 months old and is easy going, sweet, affectionate and happy.  He does well with the dogs in his play group but if a person is inside the puppy palace, you'll find Shawn at your feet and following you inside.  He prefers human company.  Shawn loves to lounge in his crate with the door open.  His former home didn't have air conditioning.  Since his crate is right next to the A/C unit we think he's definitely rocking that cooler air is better. 


Barley - is still a baby in many ways and our caregivers estimate he is right at or under one year old.  He looks like a teddy bear and acts like one too.  He's affectionate and friendly and ready for a hug.  Barley embraced life at the farm easily and learned the routine quickly.  He wants only to fit in.  He's a peacemaker and one we can trust with all the other dogs.  Barley's nothing but sweetness and a joy to be around.   


Damion - He is by far the most outgoing and friendly of them all.  If he wasn't in quarantine, he could easily find a home right now.  Unlike some of his siblings, Damion shows no signs of fear and not only does he not show fear, he loves everyone. Damion takes more from the terrier side of his family especially when he is with other dogs.  He has to be top dog, king of the hill and if play gets too boisterous he is the one we separate first.  With his normal play group of laid back guys, he's all fun and games.  Damion learned quickly that you don't poop where you sleep and eat and he is almost always clean in his crate and is waiting for his caregiver to let him out in the morning.  He knows the routine very well and has happily adjusted to it. ! ; Enter the puppy palace and expect to find Damion jumping up on your leg for attention.
Our diamonds in the ruff still need your help. 

We have four long weeks of quarantine to go before these pitiful looking canines will look less like ragamuffins and more like real poodle dogs.  After that, some will adopt quickly.  Some will take a little longer.  We're committed for the long haul. 

Our goal - reach 500 donors who will offer these dogs $ 21 each - one dollar for each of these 21 little pups that have never, until now, known a clean, itch free day in their lives.  

In the first week we are just under 1/2 of our goal with 238 donors.  Our goal is 500 donors of $ 21 for our 21 diamonds.  
For our current donors - thank you so very much.  Many of you have been much more generous than the $ 21 and it is truly appreciated.  Without your support in the past, I would never have been able to commit to something this large now.  I had faith you would come through for dogs in need and you did not let me down.  Thank you so much. 
For our new donors - thank you and welcome.  Thank you for showing you care with your donation.  Thank you for allowing us to help these 21 mangy mutts.  I hope you will enjoy watching them blossom as much as we are. 

For those of you just reading about these mangy mutts for the first time, I hope their story will touch you and you will consider helping us raise the money to successfully bring these dogs from mangy mutts to much loved pets.  To give these dogs the opportunity to be safe, happy and clean for the first time in their lives and to give back by offering a paw in friendship to a human whose lap needs warmed.  They are waiting to get healthy to give back.   

Just $ 1 per dog.  $ 21 for 21 dogs. Donate to our mutts fund

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