Carolina Poodle Rescue



On July 27, 2014 my boyfriend and I adopted sweet little Jessica, now Dixie as an anniversary gift to ourselves. Little did we know she would become one of the biggest blessings in our life. The day we adopted Dixie she was such a tiny, scared puppy. But it wasn't long before she blossomed into the precious, fun-loving, silly 1 year old that she is now. It's hard not to fall in love with Dixie from the first time you meet her, especially when she gives you kisses on your nose. Dixie absolutely loves running around in the grass, but loves her squeaky toys a little bit more! She is always finding a way to get into something, but most of all she has found her way into not only my heart, but anyone she meets. Thank you Carolina Poodle Rescue for letting us bring this light into our lives!
- Love Carley, TC, and Dixie!


This is Odie (formerly Mason) the cutest Standard you ever did see! We adopted him at the end of May and he knew he was home the minute we stepped inside the house! Odie was the pup who had the "drinking problem" and we have gotten it completely under control! We've noticed that he only drinks excessive amounts of water if he is bored or very excited. We monitor the water intake and he has gotten to the point now where he will leave half of the water in his bowl when he's done drinking.

Odie is SUCH a good boy! He is a mama's boy but loves after-work snuggles with his daddy! He has a cat brother named Garfield who loves to pick on him and make sure everyone else knows that Odie belongs to him! Odie LOVES playing outside and going to dirt-bike races. He has an awesome GiGi, Pop, Gammi, Grandpa, Grammi, and several aunts who are wrapped around his (not-so-little) paw. He loves making new friends and everyone says he is one dapper fellow! Odie was trained and housebroken when we adopted him, but we have fine-tuned the commands he knows and are continuing to work on new ones. He is such a smart dude and even knows his right from his left now!

Our Odie can be a bit of a mischievous guy, but how can you be mad at that face? He loves America, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Auburn Tigers and the Atlanta Braves! He has been on so many adventures in the past month and a half and he says, "Bring on the next one!"

Thank you, CPR, for the opportunity that you gave us to welcome this fuzzy fella into our lives. Our little family is now complete and we couldn't be happier! Neither of us had ever rescued a dog before but boy, are we glad we did because it turns out that Odie actually rescued us!

Jenni Roberts & Charlie Floyd
Atlanta, GA


Hello Carolina Poodle Rescue. I have to tell you all about adopting Tiger, well I shortened his name to Tye and he didn't mind. I adopted Tye in March of 2004 and at the time he was 4 yrs. old. He loves walks and riding in the car and Greenies!!! Tye is now 15 yrs. old and has some challenging days. About 1 1/2 yrs. ago Tye started to have trouble walking. He left hind leg just would cooperate. I took him to some senior vet specialists and they determined that he had spinal impingement that would only get worse with time. Since that diagnosis he has had many sessions of acupuncture and chiropractic visits. He had been on Omega 3 fish oil, a Chinese herbal tea pill and glucosamine. He cannot control his bladder that well, but I forgive him for the accidents. His vet care and supplements has kept him pain free and happy through his 15th birthday. I know one day soon I will have to let him go. He is my furry son, my baby, he's my best friend. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend 10 years (or more) with such a great dog.



How can we ever thank CPR for the loves of our lives....... These two babies came to us a couple of years apart-Shadow,in 2009,Skye in 2012. Shadow came to us to companion our beloved Tucker-a rescue from Lost Dog Rescue who was getting older and we hoped a younger dog would inspire him to be a little more active. We searched through the whole kennel and Jim finally found Shadow huddling in the back of the pen trying not to be seen. He pulled him out and brought him out to me-What about this guy ? Love at first sight-couldn't believe I had missed him in my search of available dogs....we took him home and he developed from a shy trembling guy to our beautiful fellow who commands the house---he still is SPECIAL friends with Jim ----probably cause he "discovered" him---when we brought him home he weighed 36 pounds! He now rounds out at 55 pounds of muscle. After we lost Tucker, Shadow went into a deep depression-wouldn't eat, wouldn't play,wouldn't go outside ......I said to Jim- we need to get another dog---Shadow is grieving away!

Once again we looked to CPR---we had a particular dog in mind--when we got to Dreamweaver Farms, Donna had a different dog in mind---"I want you to look at Pinecone first", she said. She disappeared for a few minutes and suddenly a white bullet came zooming in the door,jumped in my lap and put his paws on my shoulders,kissing my nose......I was a goner!

There was no doubt who would be going home with us......Shadow was noncommital....they have since grown to love one another and Skye is a constant source of amusement for us......He is such a clown! I swear he is a human in a dog fur coat! He sleeps in bed betweem us-snuggling up to "the chosen one's" back and snuggling up tight-of course his favorite sleeping position is on his back with all four feet in the air.!!!!


Six years ago, after being "doggie empty nesters" for a year we went to CPR to adopt a dog. We were so impressed with the thoroughness of the agency, they being sure we meet the requirements to adopt a standard poodle and Donna's knowledge of her dogs, who is so great at matching just the right dog with the right family. On our first trip we brought home, Tanner, a beautiful big 6 year old tan standard who from the beginning has been a joy. Everyone who meets Tanner can not believe someone had "given him up" he is such a wonderful dog. So after 4 years with Tanner, just like 4 years afterhaving our first son, we thought it was time to adopt/have a 2nd. We thought one is so wonderful, so easy, so enjoyable two has to be even better. Well as we learned when our 2nd child was born, some times the 2nd is a bit more of a challenge then the 1st.

So we went to CPR with Tanner in toe to adopt a second. Again Donna was very helpful in guiding us. Tanner seemed to be "take " with Chanel, as was I, and even though according to Donna, Chanel was a bossy diva, who would definitely be a bit more of a challenge, then Tanner had been we decided she was what we needed. We definitely felt we were up to the challenge, particularly if Tanner was too.

I still remember the ride home from CPR I think Tanner was stunned because I think he thought he was just enjoying an afternoon "romp " with a dog or two BUT now one was coming home with us. I must admit he adjusted well, after the initial shock. and so has Chanel. She definitely has been a challenge but she is a perfect fit for our family. Some of her exploits have been: digging holes all over the yard, tearing apart our wood pile to find a varmint, catching our neighbors cat who strayed into our yard (lucky she survived) bringing us a opossum and mouse to our door step, digging into a snake hole and being bitten 3 times .But she is so worth the challenge. She and Tanner are best friends, she is so very affectionate and dedicated to us that with all of her challenges she has made us a better family. We can not thank CPR and Donna, for all they do to make families complete like ours is.

Thank you CPR.
John, Meri-Kathryn, Tanner and Chanel


It has been almost  2 years since we adopted Daizey (JULY 2010) and  she has brought us nothing but JOY.As you can see , she has morphed into a BEAUTIFUL  GIRL..Just wanted to give you an update. Charlie & Terry.

I just wanted to send a couple of pictures of our happy CPR poodle, River.
We adopted her from you several years ago and she is the absolute joy of our lives. She now has a sister named Halo, who came from a puppy mill.

We are so thankful for our sweet River and cannot thank you all enough for what you do.

Karen Stone and the rest of the Stone Family

Dear CPR,

In October of 2009, I adopted a sweet senior named "Sugar" - now Trudy. I was in law school at the time - spending countless hours at the library - but I needed a furry companion. I was told that Trudy would be perfect for me because she spent all day sleeping anyway. I knew she was possibly deaf and couldn't necessarily see very well. When I got to Dreamweaver Farms, I discovered Trudy was all the way deaf and completely blind in one eye. She weighed maybe 6 or 7 pounds, but needed to weigh more like 11 or 12. You could see every rib in her body, and her back looked more like that of a dinosaur than a sweet little ShihTzu Senior. Most of her teeth had been pulled because they were rotting out, and her deafness was due to untreated ear mites. Her fur was mangled and she refused to make a sound - ever. She was not housebroken, or cratet trained. The kind staff at CPR told me she was very depressed after the death of her owner and subsequent neglect and/or possibly abuse of the person who was supposed to be her caretaker. The vet had said she probably would not more than a few more months, if that.

I was determined to give Trudy a good place to live out her final days. I took her home with me that day and immediately started spoiling her with love and lots of food! At first, she had no desire to be around people at all. She did not want to cuddle / she did not want to be picked up / she REFUSED to walk anywhere on a leash. But with time and patience, she kept on improving in health and attitude. (My roommate lovingly calls her "Benjamin Button" due to her reversed aging process.) And I am happy to say Trudy is still with me almost 2 years later! She is up to 12 pounds now, and walks and sometimes runs everywhere on a leash! She has unfortunately gone completely blind in both eyes now, due to Cataracts, on top of her deafness, but she does pretty well considering. She is an absolute cuddlebug and sleeps in your arms like an infant (it's quite pathetic really). Trudy has been with me through the toughest times with school, family, finances, and just life in general. I do not know where I would be without her, and my boyfriend is even more obsessed with her than me! After three years of being in separate cities, we are moving in together next weekend and his only concern is whether Trudy will be comfortable there! Everyone who has ever met her falls instantly in love with her, and I am definitely no exception. The vet can't explain how she is so healthy after everything she has been through. She is almost 13 years old now, and I hope to keep having her as long as her little heart contends!

Thank you CPR for giving me the greatest gift! We are hoping for another sweet furry baby as our family grows bigger, so we will be seeing you soon!

Sincerely, Keats and Trudy

I wanted to share a picture of Captain Jack Black (now just "Jack"). We adopted Jack about a year ago and at first he did not understand living in a townhome in the city. Jack lost a leg after a car hit him a couple of years ago, so it was not surprising that he was a bit skittish at first in his new digs.
But I am glad to say that he has become the biggest sweetie! Jack loves my kids (7 & 9), and tries to "herd" my son every chance he gets. He will come when he is called about 50% of the time, which is way up from last year! Jack has even become a Pittsburgh Steelers fan (see photo)!
Jack is an amazing dog who loves to cuddle! I could not imagine life without him! I think he is pretty happy too!

Thanks CPR!!! Erin & Jack

2/2011: One year ago, we became the proud parents of a very timid apricot standard named Ginger (aka Gigi). She had been turned into CPR because she was scared of people and children. With the help of our dog trainer, socialization, and continuous confidence building classes including obedience, agility, and nose work, Ginger has transformed herself into a fearless girl!  We wanted to share a couple recent photos of Ginger and to thank CPR for introducing us! We love Ginger! Thanks to Rupa K photography.

Arrington and Rob
Atlanta, GA

We adopted Pedey (aka Jesse) from CPR on May 22nd and we just wanted to share a few Happy Tail photos, including one of Pedey and his daddy participating in the Sarge's Annual Dog Walk. He is quite the character and he is much loved!  It is still amazing to think no one was interested in him for the 6 months you had him. Maybe he was waiting for us! Thank you for all you do and for taking good care of Pedey.

Lucy and Me

In April my little miniature poodle, Cookie, was diagnosed with an untreatable cancerous tumor. I was devastated to say the least. She had been my baby for almost 14 years. She was my companion on vacations to Myrtle Beach, the mountains, Charleston, even all the way to Key West. She was my comforter through a very ugly divorce, the death of my father, and the most terrible loss of my dear mother. In March I had some remodeling done in the house and they were here all day every day for a month, while I was working nights. My emotional state was precarious after facing the holidays without Mama, my nerves were raw from no peace at home during the day. Then Cookie got sick. It took several days and thousands of dollars to reach a final diagnosis. No surgery, no chemo, nothing could save her. Finally Dr. Tristan Winkell agreed we could try chemo to possibly make her more comfortable. On June 1st I made the decision to give her peace. By then I was in the deepest despair, barely functioning.

I always knew I would want another dog, but I didn't know what kind. I had been perusing the online shelter pets when I knew Cookie would be gone, including CPR. After she was gone I fell in love with a little gentle pit bull mix at an adoption event, but when I walked her on the leash she ended up walking me. At work I kept going back to the CPR site. I sent the email and expressed strong interest in little Nova Lee, went through the application process and the phone interview. I was sooooo disappointed when I found out little Nova had gone to New Jersey (and a little angry, sorry).

When I got to the property, I thought I must be in heaven, all those poodles running around, all so cute and looking for a home, a Mama. When I went inside there were about 6 waiting to consider me. I immediately ruled out the males, sorry guys, and I couldn't consider a heartworm positive dog, although I was assured they can be healed, but I couldn't bare the thought of another possible loss. That left Lucy (formerly Maggie) and Cuddles. Cuddles was perfect, but she didn't look much like a poodle, which is what I had decided I wanted and she was a little larger. Lucy melted right into me when I picked her up. When another lady came in and I put Lucy down to pick up Cuddles, she picked Lucy up and Lucy melted into her. Then I saw little Midge, but another family decided on her. Back to Lucy, she loved cuddling. Your guy said `see she chose you'. In our family we have saying about THE OLD WITCH ON ALPINE ROAD. Lucy would have cuddled with her if she'd have been there. Cuddles was perfect, Lucy had a twisted limpy leg, but when they brought the food she was suddenly a whirlwind jumping around for that food. I decided that someone, Frank, loves me despite my limpy legs and I would take Lucy. She was a runner at first, scared me to death when she escaped. She has a lame leg and I have two bad knees, but she out ran me. Thankfully she loves a car ride and I chased her down in the car, soon as she saw me she jumped in. The first time she escaped she tried to get into the car with a neighbor. My yard is completely fenced in but she slipped under the fence through rabbit holes. I've blocked the holes now, somehow the rabbits still get in and she almost catches them. I don't know what would happen if she caught one.

When we went out the door of the shelter, she jumped right into my car. We had a very noisy drive back to Columbia, she barked the whole time. She ran to the door when we got home, barked and chased the cats. That was a small start back to life for me. She preferred her crate at night until she got used to me, about a week. Now she sleeps with me. I left her at my vet for boarding over July 4th, she was comfortable enough with me and strangers so I felt fine leaving her. She loved it there and they love her. She's been back a few times and gets all excited to go in. Last time I meant to get her weighed, she was happy to be picked up and we went out the door. Then I remembered I wanted to weigh her. She was just as excited to go right back in again. The only time she seems nervous is when she goes to grooming.

She seemed scared of her water bowl, still doesn't drink much, still sneaks up to it. She barks at everyone she sees. She just wants to be loved on. She lets anybody pick her up wherever we go. She is such a joy to me. I took her to a fund raiser and the local news was there and filmed her getting a massage. She had on a sundress with a grass skirt. She loves to dress up. On game day I get her little USC cheerleader dress and show it to her and she dances around til I get it on her. I took her shopping for her Christmas dress and we both had a ball. We're working on good manners car riding, she used to bark at anything and nothing. I had to crate her when we drove to Charleston. Now I'm taking her on short drives and correcting her barking and she's doing very well.

I had a hard time teaching her to respond to her own name. My cats are Sophie and Molly. When one calls an animal we use the same type of sing-song tone and mine are all two syllables. No matter who I called Lucy's head would go up and she'd look to see who would come. Same when I called her own name, head goes up and turns around like a periscope looking to see who's coming. I finally started giving her a treat when she responded when I called her name, it's been about 3 weeks now that she finally knows she is Lucy.

At first I was afraid she wasn't going to become attached to me. My brother said I should have gotten a puppy so it would bond with me. To me there is nothing cuter in this world than a puppy, but I always knew I would adopt a shelter pet. Puppies are a lot of work to. She came to me completely house trained, thank you, thank you. She is completely at home here now. Wherever I am she's with me, on my lap if possible. Even when her papa is here my lap is preferred. She goes in and out of her crate whenever she wants to. She knows not to go into the cat's room. She loves to pick a fight with my mother cat, I have to break it up sometimes. She chases the kitten, but I woke up in the night Thursday and they were snuggled up. She loves company, but scares new people with her barking til they pet her. She's so happy when my kids visit. She'll bark at the grands to get them to play, then it's like a cartoon. You see her chasing them one way then they come back through and the kids are chasing her. I think dogs know who their people love so they love them to.

She is totally bonded with me now. I couldn't be happier with my CPR pet. (who's Nova?). We were meant for each other. I'm sorry I can't remember the guy's name who spent so much time with me, talking to me, pleading Lucy's case, listening to my out loud thinking and endless questions about `what if and why'. Please tell him I send a BIG HEARTFELT THANK YOU! Lucy is indeed a rescue dog, she rescued me!

We had a good time visiting Santa Claus, dogs were not really supposed to be in there, Ft Jackson PX, but she charmed everyone in the place as she does wherever we go. People always want to pick her up, for some reason, and she loves the attention. Of course seeing her picture who wouldn't be charmed?

Thank you and God bless all of you and the work you do.

Charlene and Lucy

In February 2008 my 12 year old chocolate teacup poodle, Tootsie Roll, passed away.  We still had and 8 year chocolate toy poodle, Baby Ruth.   My husband insisted that he wanted to get another dog right away.  I wasn't ready to get a puppy. 

I did a search on Petfinder for a parti-poodle.  The result was a 5 year old, black and white parti-poodle named Patty.  The description said she was a quiet girl.  That hooked me!  Then the name Peppermint Patti came to me and she would fit right in with my candy theme names.  Patti was confiscated from a breeder/hoarder and had been used as a breeding dog.   She was badly matted and covered in feces when she was rescued.  Most of her teeth had to be pulled due to lack of care and decay.  She was missing one ear probably due to a fight or infection.  She was a very shy girl at first.  When we would try to pet her, she would cower or run away at the sight of our hand.  We were very patient with her.   We took her to Canine Good Citizen class to increase her confidence.  It was a slow process but Patti is now Princess Patti !   She loves to be petted now and when she runs up to total strangers at the Puppy Park to be petted, it makes my heart burst !  She sleeps curled up at my neck or on my pillow.  She loves to go for rides and go to Doggie Day Care.  She has changed a lot from that quiet, distant girl we first met.  She truly is Princess Patti now and she doesn't let us forget it !   I cannot imagine life without Patti now.

Jennifer Smith


The Fairy Dogmother sent out a SOS.  There was a tiny (1 lb.) cockapoo pup with a luxating patella that needed a place to stay.  The Fairy Dogmother's castle was busting at the seams with various poos and poo mixes (and maybe non-poos too) that had all needed her help.  Could someone please foster this tiny, fluffy little chocolate girl with a special need until she found her furever home?  Well, I thought, this tiny girl should fit in just fine with my 3 other tiny poodles with luxating patellas.  She was an adorable puppy and I guessed it wouldn't be long before she would be adopted.  I was right.  She fit right in very well.

Cookie, my youngest, began her role as The Protector.  Even though she was the smallest, she didn't hesitate to come to Hannah's rescue when one of the others was picking on her. 

Hannah's knee problem was more serious than a luxating patella and she had to go to the orthopedic specialist and have some major surgery.  After a few doctor visits and some major surgery (thanks to very generous CPR supporters), Hannah was doing very well.  And growing quite a bit.........from 1 lb. to 8 lbs, she now outweighed and outsized my 5 lb girls !  Cookie still looked after Hannah very well.  They played together ALL the time !

Cookie went with Hannah to Dreamweaver Farm for the Fall Retreat and to take care of her after her other surgery (spaying).  That's when Cookie went to Miss Donna and said that Hannah was her BFF and she wanted to fill out all the paperwork so that Hannah could stay with her in her Furever home.  Not only was Hannah's leg saved from amputation, she found her BFF and Furever home !!!  What a happy girl !!

Jennifer Smith


I am writing on behalf of Art, who is physically disabled, and Ozzy, a 4yo black standard poodle. Art applied seeking a standard poodle for service dog and life companion. He came to Dreamweaver Farm and fell in love with Ozzy, a dog that Donna thought would be right for this "assignment". They have been inseparable, and Ozzy is loving his life, his work, and his play times with Art and with other dogs at the local Dog Park. I finally got to meet Ozzy and see him in action, and he was all smiles and pep! Ozzy is "speaking" Greek, as that is his training language: Ozzy is a fast learner and has taught Art a thing or two! He takes great pride in his purpose, and loves to meet new people, dogs, and even cats. Everyone praises him and loves him. Art is like a new man--the joy of having Ozzy radiates from him and touches all of us who know him. Thank you, CPR and especially Sherry and Donna, for this most magnificent connection of man and dog.


The Dog that wasn’t
When we decided our 4 yr old Chihuahua, Lovey, needed a playmate, I began to search the rescue sites and found several prospective adoptees at Carolina Poodle Rescue. We went ex[ecting to get the perfect little 6-8lb chi mix to play with Lovey. Not knowing how they would get along, we decided to foster.

As I walked through the rooms filled with kennels, there was the usual reaction from the multitude of dogs, jumping, barking, dancing around, saying, ‘look at me, look at me”. After checking all of the possibilities, one particular dog caught my eye as were leaving. Still and quiet as a mouse, he lay with his head on his forepaws, not making a sound.

“What’s the story on him?” I asked. His name is Reggie and he was rescued from an animal hoarder. They had so many dogs in the basement, they dropped the food through a hole in the floor. He’s so shy. He’s been here 2 years. Those sad, hopeless eyes haunted me the next 2 weeks while we waited for approval
Upon returning, we had to choose between adopting the perfect, confident little Chihuahua who loved everybody or fostering Reggie. We had wanted short hair, short legs, and a short body. Reggie was long, hair, long legs, and a long body. We couldn’t leave him behind.

He trembled on the ride home and hid in his kennel. The next day, he bonded immediately to my husband, Royce, following him like a shadow. Within a few days, he was sleeping with us and we were hooked on hm. He is housetrained, walking on a leash, and is learning how to play with Lovey and toys.

“The little dog that wasn’t” now IS a happy, content pet that we could never give up. He has found his forever home with us.

Martha Justice

Lovey & Reggie

Tara now

This is our wonderful little Yorkie that we named Deacon. He was 5 months old when we got him and he has quickly become the love of our life. He is soooo sweet and very friendly to everyone he meets. It is hard to get him to be still for a picture because he is very energetic and playful. Thanks to the CPR for allowing us to be his family.

Chris, Patty and Olivia

"Sweetie" is her new name.  We named her that because our parrot, Flash, can already say that name.  We adopted Sweetie on Saturday, August 29. She's been to see her vet twice and is in good health and doing well.  It is great having her as an addition to our family.  She is adapting quite well and has almost made friends with the bird.  Note the sign on our front door.  The photo with Sandy is her first outing, a picnic at one of our local airports.  Our thanks to everyone at the poodle farm for what you do and in helping us find a perfect match, John  

We adopted Simon last October and he has been such a joy to us. He is such a sweet and affectionate dog. Very smart too!
He has adjusted so well that we are considering adopting another miniature poodle. My husband has fallen for ABBIE so I hope we can add her to our little family.

I am attaching a picture of our little rascal taken last Thanksgiving.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Gratefully, Cecilia and Richard

I wanted to give you an update on our Chai girl:

When we first met Chai she was such a shy, calm little girl and she and Trace hit it right off. He's always been such a good boy and he was very gentle with her because that was what she seemed to require. As you know we determined pretty quickly that Chai wasn't just calm, but tired due to what was later determined to be EPI.

Well, now for the rest of the story...after several weeks on prescribed medication this little girl came alive! She runs faster than most any dog I've ever seen and gives our boy Trace a run for his money. Before his Chai-brand workout plan Trace was a little pudgy, but chubby no more! They wrestle like monkies and will regularly "roll" one another across the floor. She is going to keep him young and I will soon have to replace worn out carpet. Luckily our county recently opened a dog park, so we can take them there so they can get rid of lots of energy in a safe environment.

Chai is without a doubt the most loving, humble little girl I've ever seen, always. She has brought such joy and fun to our home. She meets us at the door and will stand on her back legs and walk backwards in front of us down the hallway...she's not allowed to jump up up on people unless invited to so she had to develop this hillarious greeting because she can't stand to stay on all fours when she is so excited. She sleeps between my husband and I in bed at night and expects to have her belly rubbed (by both of us) until she falls asleep. She even sleeps funny, sometimes completely on her back with her legs sprawed out. And she is the first dog I've known who "talks" in her sleep.

I want to thank you once again for your help with this. At this point I can't imagine our life without's like she's always been part of our family. You can rest assured this little girl is in a home where she is loved and cared for.

I do so appreciate you and all your staff and volunteers, and the wonderful things you are doing for these sweet babies. I wish we lived closer so we could come and help out.

Thanks again,


Here is a picture of Mandy at Lake Hartwell. We went boating over the week-end. Mandy wasn't so sure about the water, but Ginger loves swimming. We hope Mandy learns to love the water as much as Ginger, because we plan to use the boat a lot this summer. Mandy sure did love the beach area and being with the other boaters. Mandy also loved her raft. I guess it makes her feel safer. All of our friends thought she and Ginger were adorable. They are cute together. I will send another email with two more pictures of Mandy.

Tara now

I just wanted to send a warm heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who played a part in bringing Tarrah into our family. She's been with us right at 4 months and what a transformation! Tarrah was a puppymill breeder and is missing all of her teeth and her bottom jaw, but she's not special needs, she just special! She went from frightened and frail to sassy, funny and so sweet!! Angie

Tara before!

Well haven’t sent you any updates in awhile, thought you would like to see the baby. She stays a steady 45lbs now, vet says she is in perfect health. As you can see, she the runs household just fine. We humans are finally trained just the way she likes I think, I sure we have further training yet. We have even learned that opening the pantry door is trick therefore justifies a treat, after all that is where the special treats are. Eye snot removal is a medical procedure, also treat worthy. She is a social butterfly now, only thing is when people come to visit, she is sure it is to pet her, and doesn’t understand why they leave…….

She is also great hunter of squirrels, she stalks them from inside the door. Lori Ann


It’s been almost a year since I adopted Louise, a Standard Poodle from Carolina Poodle Rescue. She is funny, smart, beautiful, and, yes, stubborn.

Louise has now become a star. I have included her as an occasional character in my mystery series. Check out the front cover the book to see if you recognize this beautiful dog who once needed a home and a new picture of us together.

Louise will be a circus poodle in the series and will appear from time to time. Next year, however, Louise will have her own book that parents, grandparents, etc., can read to children.
She is amazing, and she came into my life when I lost my beautiful dog Ivy. I had no idea that Louise would bring me so much joy! We are now taking dancing lessons together. What an adventure this is becoming!

Thank you for all that you do! I just wanted you to know how special she is and that she is loved very, very much!

Karen Petit
Columbia, SC

5/29/09 I have had Bentley (Smudge II) for almost a year now!!  What a wonderful addition to our family.  After Sherri interviewed us we took a trip to the farm and fell in love with Bentley.  We renamed him.  He was called Smudge II at the farm.  He is full of life and so energetic.  And did I mention smart as well.  He can twirl up to 6 times on his back legs and knows a few other tricks!! Thankyou for bringing so much love to our Family.

Cindy Scalise  


I adopted a doggie from you, Hillary at the end of August. I just wanted to show you recent photos of her, i.e. before and after grooming shots of her. The photo of Hillary on the exam table is her before grooming shot. The photo of her in a crate is her after grooming shot... she is afraid of cameras ... and strange people that cut hair off her face. :-) Hillary is loooooving her new home. She is so sweet. The word "sweet" just doesn't even describe it. She has come such a long way since I got her. She was veeeerryyyy easily startled... now she is getting better and warming up to people moreso, slowly but surely. I'm so in love with her (and Franklin too, of course) it's silly.

Take care! Sarah


11/4/2008 Hi! I am so sorry that I have not updated you earlier on Mini-Me (aka: Roger) Here is some info and some pictures for the next newsletter. He is the love of my life and such a perfect addition to the family! We have been hiking in the mountains severaltimes and he has become quite a pro at keeping up with “The Boys” (my two standards) and then running back to check on the adults in the group. He has been swimming in Lake Keowee but hestill needs to learn more about that, though running on the islands is a favorite. He is the perfect lap dog that I desired. I just remember the day when he was brought into the kennel and I caught his eye…I KNEW he was THE ONE!!! He continues to make me laugh and play and be filled with Thanks!

Thank you CPR!!! Now two of my family are successful CPR doggies from you! Allison J. Mautz


Devin Devin
4/29/08 Devin
Hi CPR folks! Well, it has been just about two months since I came to my new home. As you can see from the photo, order has now been established (notice the kid on the dog bed and me on the chair)! That kid is great. We play and I have even convinced him to let me sleep on the end of his bed! Life is good. That housebreaking thing was a bit confusing, but I figured it out after a couple of days. The other dog, Percy, is fun and is teaching me all the tricks. We play and ruff-house around. I really like my new home! Say hi to my old mate Happy!

Lots of luv, Devin

3/10/08 Bella It’s been rainy, so either way she still ends up frizzy. She does not want to participate in that daily brush thing. She is getting better. Groomer says she fine, she just smiles and runs from us if we get out the brush. She goes again to be groomed Monday, getting pretty for Easter. We are all going to Christiansburg, VA, then when we get back my sister will be here from out of town. Will take pictures Monday, be sure to send them.

For right now she is still training us, we seem to be working out okay. She hogs the bed, hogs the couch, runs to Grannies for treats. New thing is she runs to Grannies, looks out her front door, runs back here, looks out our front door, apparently she is discovering she is not the only animal on this block. Here are some new pictures anyway, my favorite is her waking me up! I don’t think you can really see her hair though, she is tough to photograph. Lori Ann Zito


2/27/08 Dolly I have been meaning to thank you for all of your help back in October when we adopted our precious little DOLLY.Remember, we came down to the Poodle farm, we were planning to get an 8-week-old puppy, and Dolly, who was 8 months old, drove up just after we arrived , to be dropped off for adoption. I recently found the account of Dolly's relay trip from Mississippi to Tenn. to Asheville, then to Dreamweaver Farm. The organization and ocumentation are really impressive. Also, if you remember, the night before we came down, I had told my husband Thad I had thought of the name for the "puppy" - and it was Dolly. When we asked what her name was when we met her it happened to be Dolly! Dlly has been a wonderful addition to our family, and has actually made our other two older dogs (one is Tula, who is 11) much more active. It has been so interesting watching the dynamics among them. They all LOVE each other. She has even brought back Lewis' youth to him. He is at least 12 years old, and was diagnosed with terminal cancer Oct. of 2006. He was given a few days to a few weeks to live. He now has NO tumor OR cancer cells, and seems 5 years younger! I guess I've ended up telling the story now!

Thanks again for everything, Nancy Alexander

12/24/07 McGee Hi guys! Thought you'd like to see McGee and Maggie at Christmas. McGeehas the green antlers and blue collar; Maggie has the red antlers and red collar. McGee is our Carolina Poodle Rescue wonder dog.

What can I say about McGee? His Mother must have been a blonde. He is our wonderful GOOFY guy. He is sooo sweet, and puts up with Maggie who must be boss in all things. They chase each other around the back yard every day. They LOVE snow. I spend a lot of time trying to get snow off of poo feet and legs and ears and faces and backs . . . and you get the idea.

McGee knows how to entertain himself. We have a walk-out basement so our back yard has a slope down to the walk out. McGee has taught himself to take his ball to the top of the slope and drop the ball and then he can chase it down the slope. He also will take his ball to the top of the steps on the deck
and drop it so he can chase it down the stairs.

Adopting McGee from Carolina Poodle Rescue was the best thing we've done in years.

Merry Christmas from the Jankes in Cable OH

Tanner5/4/07 Tanner Dear Happy Tails, It has been a little over a month since Tanner became apart of our family. Every day we wonder how anyone could have given up such a great dog. The attached picture was taken by my husband, John a few weeks after Tanner joined our family. Tanner loves to fetch a ball and bring it back but when he is done playing he drops it next to you and sits down. This is what we had just finished doing in our back yard. I was petting him and put my arm around him and John caught the moment What I love about the shot is Tanner looks as tall as I am. —Meri-Kathryn


2/27/07 Dill Here's are pictures of my CPR boy at his favorite activity - BALL! His name is Dill.


Bambi2/24/07 Bambi Here's the lineup shot from Bambi's first night. Buddy is exhausted from following her around and begging her to play; Tootsie's expression says she is still withholding judgment on the new girl; and Bambi just smiles for the camera!

2/20/07 Toby It is hard to believe that we have had Toby as a member of our family for a year this month. What a wonderful addition to our family he is! Although not perfect (he still doesn't like some other dogs), we always comment on what a great dog he is. He plays, tells time (he certainly knows when it is time for his dinner and walks!), loves to go for rides and his walks. Although he now has his "winter coat", the groomers even ask to be requested next time we bring Toby in for grooming. He wins the hearts of everyone who meets him and he certainly has ours! We love our dog. We appreciate your organization and all that you do. —Chris, Kathy, Matthew and Michelle