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In the past you’ve been generous to Carolina Poodle Rescue when we needed funding for our projects that focused on improving our services. We are planning one of those projects now and it’s our most ambitious yet.

For the last several months, We have quietly been on the lookout for a used class C toy hauler RV to turn into a mobile adoption center. A toy hauler is an RV that has a garage type area in the back fully tiled and with separate large doors. They are made for hauling motorcycles and 4 wheelers for campers to take with them on vacation.We have a far different use in mind and as you can imagine, it involves dogs that need homes.

About 4 years ago, board member Jennifer Smith set up a table at Petsmart in her home town of Raleigh NC and started handing out brochures to people to advertise Carolina Poodle Rescue. It was just Jennifer and her determination to bring her favorite rescue’s information to people in her town. Her efforts paid off in tremendous ways and the volunteer group in Raleigh has now grown to over 50 active volunteers holding different events in Wake County NC almost every weekend of the year.

Jennifer’s efforts paid off in another way. We began receiving adoption applications from Raleigh. Very rarely does a week go by that we don’t see someone make the day long trek to the farm to find their perfect pet. They come because they are so impressed with the dedication of our volunteers.

But not all of them come. In fact, only about 20% of the approved adopters actually come to the farm. The rest apply, are screened and are approved but do not adopt from CPR for one big reason. It is 8 hours round trip. For many reasons, they simply can’t make it work. These are excellent dog owners and they are looking for dogs like ours. A few adopt from closer rescues, some buy but some we hear from end up not getting a dog because they can’t find a good fit. Since December we have screened and approved, but not adopted, to over 200 homes in the eastern North Carolina area because of distance.

We can fix that. We want to take all of our careful screening and put it to good use- by finding these good people a dog. We want to take our unique matching process to the people. It works in New York . It can work in Raleigh. And then take it to the rest of the southeast. I can see a future where we have RV’s on the road every weekend going to every mayor city in the southeast.

It’s not only for adoption events. As we've watched the events unfolding in Houston, we keep thinking how much good we could do with an RV outfitted as a mobile dog kennel. We have us on the list now with Best Friends Animal Society to take in 30 dogs and 2 horses. How much more help could we be if we can provide transport as well as safe harbor for the displaced pets!

We went to New Orleans during Katrina. There was no place to stay – the city was devastated. We got our dogs and got out and we will never forget that nightmare 15 hour drive in the middle of the night with a van full of scared dogs and no good way to check on them, nowhere to stop to rest except trying to sleep in the van and no other options but get as far away as possible. With an RV, we can go and care properly for the animals we are rescuing while allowing the rescuers themselves to also take care of themselves, keeping us strong for what is ahead.

But that is for emergencies. For the every day use, We’ve crunched the numbers and we have figured that conservatively we can increase adoptions by 10 per month by going to Raleigh twice per month with adoptable dogs. That’s an increase of 120 per year. We average 700 per year now so an increase of about 15% over current levels of adoptions. That is 120 more animals we can save and find homes for if we make this investment.

The unit we’ve found is a used unit and we feel it would make an excellent starter home for our new road show. The 2006 unit has 26,000 miles on it, an excellent low mileage for this unit. The asking price has already been reduced from $30,000 to $27,500 and we believe if we take a cash offer to the dealership, we can get it as low as $26,000. This is just a bit below the “blue book” value.

Used RV loans have a high percentage rate – the dealership here quoted a 7.9% interest. But we’ve got an offer of private funding for just 4% interest.

Everything at the poodle farm is paid for except the land itself and the idea of going into debt is not one we relish but we also think the unit will pay for itself within the first two years. Much depends on how much of a down payment we can raise. This is what we are writing to ask you for. Will you consider a donation to help us with the down payment on the unit? We believe it is an investment worth making and will help us save more lives.

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Rusty - The Little Red Dog (A Rescue Tale) is a book about a Carolina Poodle Rescue adoptee. You can purchase the book on Amazon and the authors are donating 100% to Carolina Poodle Resue. The authors hope that this book will encourage others to adopt a rescue dog.

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"Pogo-The Puppy Mill Dog (a rescue tale)" by Abrams & Abrams


"Pogo-The Puppy Mill Dog (a rescue tale)" by Abrams & Abrams The true story of a cock-a-poo rescued from a puppy mill by a rescue shelter and adopted into her forever home. ...



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CPR's patrons program is our sustained giving program and it is our patrons who buy us time. CPR has grown to the point that we can not continue our mission nor can we grow unless we have more sustaining donors buying us that time.

Our request is simple -- $ 25 per month.

Our goal is huge -- 1,000 donors each giving at least $ 25 per month. At $ 25 per month, our team will have the time they need to do what needs to be done to help each dog. One by one.  We are currently at 207 wonderful people donating to our patrons program.  Thank you.  

Why do we need time?  We want to keep on making happy endings and being the place dogs can come to wait, knowing that together, we've always got that safe place.  

 Our hope, as you read their stories, is that you will help us to give more time to dogs just like THESE








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S.O.S. Program

At Carolina Poodle, our mission is simple: one by one until there are none. Our Seniors and Special Needs (SOS) program says yes to dogs (and an occasional cat) in need when others cannot.

Since the beginning of our efforts to save Seniors and Special Needs, more than 172 pets have crossed through our program. 37 have "graduated" and gone on to find new furever homes. 58 have crossed over the Bridge with CPR as their final home. We are very proud of these efforts and thankful to our donors and sponsors who have made this possible!

Today, our SOS program is home to more than 75 dogs. And our work is not done! $240/month allows us to offer food, shelter, and medical care for these babies. Learn more about our program at


We take in special needs dogs to live out their lives with us. We know they aren't going to be adopted. Help us take care of these special furbabies!

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