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Last week we took a short break to rescue some pups who needed CPR's help.  I am happy to report that Courtney Leigh--the broken leg pup--had surgery and is on her way to recovery.  The snake bit pups are rolling around our barn and having a fine old time.  They are going up for adoption this week.

For these pups, what they needed was easy to give.  After a short stay, I feel confident all will be adopted and quickly.  You've given them the funds, and I thank you.  

For many others, it isn't quite so easy.  For them, we need to buy time.

Click here to meet two we are buying time for - time to live out the moments given to them as they are both here for hospice care.  We're buying time for them to move on gracefully.  

Being a no kill means just that - it means that you support what you take in, not that you kill those who it is not convenient to care for because they can't be adopted.  It means you go the extra mile and sometimes that means you are the final home.

It takes many, many kind hearts to support a no kill rescue.  No one person can do it alone.  To be one of those kind hearts, please join our patrons program.  Your commitment to a monthly donation means dogs like Lucas and Jackson have those last days.  It means we can provide both the beginning and the end, depending on what the dogs in our care need.  It buys them time.

CPR's patrons program is our sustained giving program and it is our patrons who buy us time. CPR has grown to the point that we can't continue our mission nor can we grow unless we have more sustaining donors buying us that time.  Our request is simple - $ 25 per month.  Our goal is huge -- 1,000 donors each giving at least $ 25 per month.  At $ 25 per month, our team will have the time they need to do what needs to be done to help each dog.  One by one.  

Form now until the end of the year, callers will be reaching out to our adopter base with one request. Please join our patrons group.  Become a donor at $ 25 per month and watch CPR grow. We'll keep calling until we hit that huge goal for none of us can stand the thought of not giving our dogs what they need. We're hoping you agree.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our web page for updates on our goal. Watch us give even more dogs time--the time they need to heal. 

For dogs like Jackson and Lucas.  For dogs like Angel who you met two weeks ago. For many more just like them that I'll introduce you to over the next few weeks.  These dogs needed time. We gave it to them.  My hope, as you read their stories, is that you will help us to give more time to dogs just like these.  

We want to keep on making happy endings and being the place dogs like Angel can come to heal.  To do so our goal is simple.  1,000 patrons.  $ 25 per month.

 Our hope, as you read their stories, is that you will help us to give more time to dogs just like THESE

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Yankee Candle Fundraiser

We are hosting a Yankee Candle Fundraiser for the seniors at CPR! 40% of the profit will be donated to CPR!

To shop, please use the link below. You must also enter the CPR group number for us to get credit.
CPR Group Number 990103393

All orders will be received in time for the holidays!

*The fundraiser goes through November 12, 2016.



During an election year, non profits suffer greatly.  There is much attention to our future leaders, as there should be.  But people are nervous.  What will happen?  Which way will we go?  When people are nervous, they don't take on new responsibilities and adopt yet intake continues.  Our animal shelters are crowded.  

The next two months will be the worst for intake and the slowest for adoptions than we have seen in four years. We want to be ready. We have been at over 200 dogs at the farm for several months and there is no slowing down the requests to take in animals.  They come in daily.  

We are requesting a one time donation of $ 16 - in honor of our first 16 years and our goal to continue to grow through the next 16 years.  It's all about time.  Our goal is to reach 1,000 donors in the month of September who will make a one time donation of $ 16.  It will get us through the next few difficult months.  We have never set a goal so high but we've never had a time when the need was so great.

To donate, please visit our giving page where you can choose paypal, credit card or find the address for checks.  All donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible.

Time - we never seem to have enough.  Thank you for giving us time. 


Visit our Online Store today! We have a variety of t-shirts and many other items donated to our Rescue. 100% goes to the support of our furbabies!

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October 15, 10am-3pmPetsmart- Brier Creek Raleigh, NC

October 15, 6pm-8pmWild Wing Cafe

October 16, 2016 11am-4pm
Bark in the Park! Oktoberfest
Wannamaker County Park, North Charleston

October 16th, 2016 Doyle’s Vineyard, Durham, NC   1-5pm

October 22 CPR Reunion, Pacolet SC

October 29 from 12:00 to 4:00
Rea Road Animal Hospital - Client Appreciation Day, 8100 Williams Pond Lane

Did you know???

Over 550 dogs found homes through Carolina Poodle Rescue in 2015!


We take in special needs dogs to live out their lives with us. We know they aren't going to be adopted. Help us take care of these special furbabies!

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