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At CPR, we are often called to help those that others can't help.

To make a difference in an animal's life that others won't make.

To take on the hard cases, the ones that need more than a vaccination or a haircut to turn them into highly adoptable pets.  

We're called on to make miracles happen - medical miracles.  
With your help, we can.


Meet Finn.  He doesn't know that's his name since I just gave it to him but I don't think he'll mind.  Yesterday about this time, Finn's life was changing.  Finn's owner brought Finn and his brother, Snowflake, to an all breed adoption facility in the midlands of SC.  Recognizing that the older of the two miniature poodles was sick, the staff offered to give her our number as a place where he would receive better care.  The owner turned to walk out, taking both of the boys with her and stating she would be dropping them off at the local animal control.  She could not afford a long distance call to the upstate and she could no longer take care of them.  She was very upset.  Staff, already talking with me on the phone, convinced her to leave both boys with them until we could get there.  Desperate people sometimes make desperate choices.  We didn't want her to make a desperate choice for these two.

I love technology - it keeps us all in touch and in my right now world of intake that's important.  While still on hold, I sent a Facebook private message to a volunteer who works less than a mile from the facility.  Yes she could pickup after work and head this way.  I committed to the boys and hung up the phone.  One more call later and the second leg of the two leg run was filled with another volunteer who lives close to our facility.  The boys would be here by 9 pm and at the vet by 9 in the am - I thought.

An few hours later, a frantic volunteer is telling me that Finn must go to a vet and he must go NOW.  With a temperature of 98, well below normal, he was lethargic and despondent.  Snowflake would not settle, insisting on trying to get to his sick brother.  At 8 pm, a decision was made and a wonderful mother and daughter team gave up their own planned quiet evening at home and instead of heading the 30 minutes to the farm, took a dog not their own straight to the emergency clinic in Spartanburg, SC, knowing they might not get home until midnight.   I believe that unselfish decision was the right one and so do the vets.  Sometimes care can't wait til in the morning.  

Finn is under the care of one of our primary vets now. His temperature is up to just above 99, low normal for a dog.  There is no clear diagnosis but it's something in the GI tract we think.  He is not out of the woods but every minute he receives life saving care is a minute more towards his new life.

Finn's life changed about this time yesterday.  I hope it's a change for the better.

Our emergency room bill ran $ 440.  I anticipate before it is over, it will cost about $ 1000 to put this little man back on track again. 

Can you help?   To donate towards Finn's care, please visit our webpage at

and make a donation.  If 100 people will care enough to send just $ 10, then I'll know I've made the right decision.

Please specify it is for Finn.


Going forward into 2015 we want to help more dogs that need more help.  We don't specialize in the dogs that are easy to place.  We don't specialize in the dogs that have little to fix.  We specialize in fixing what's wrong.  In healing what hurts. In making them well.

Through February, our medical miracles program will go out to everyone on our mailing list.  After February, our medical miracles campaign will have a mailing list all its own. 

If you are interested in knowing about our special needs dogs as they come in, please sign up to continue receiving alerts and updates on the dogs and their care. Click here to sign up.

Thank you.  In 2015 our goal is to reach these poodles and poodle mixes who need more than the ordinary, who need more than a shave and a haircut and a new collar to make them adoptable. We want to find the ones who need more than others can give. With your help, we want to make many more miracles for once healed, these dogs make incredible pets and can go on to bless the lives of a family.  We want to give them the chance to do so.


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